Some Archetypes

  This can be like a game, identify what you think you are, understand its parameters and obligations.  See how you benefit from staying engaged with it. People often select between three and seven different patterns that are relevant to their lives.  As you mature you may select different archetypes.  You can also use this not just as a mirror but as a tool of reflection on what archetypal influences dominate others in your life.  By studying tendencies of those you love you not only learn about yourself but can lead them towards more understanding of themselves.  This is not a test.  It is a tool and can be used as a meditation, a list of characters for stories you might tell, and an index into understanding a more Jungian approach to thought.

Here is a list of archetypes that includes some not included here.            
Addict Crone Hermes Orphan
Advocate Chronicity/ Synchronicity
The Hermit Pan/Priapus Shaman
Alchemist Cronos Hero Patriarch Shy Person
Anarchist Demeter/Persephone Hestia Patriot Siren
Aphrodite  Destroyer Hetaira Philosopher Slacker
Artemis  Detective Hippie  Persona Student
Angel/Fairy Dilettante Hoarder Poet Spendthrift
Anima/Animus Earth Mother Idealist Poseidon Supremacist
Apollo Engineer Intellectual Princess Surfer
Artistocrat Eros & Psyche
Interpreter Protesters Syzygy
Environmentalist Invalid Punk Teacher
Ares Feminist Inventor/Genius Recovery Thanatos
Artist Fool Judge Retiree Themis
Athlete Gambler Jupiter Revolutionary Thief
Avenger Glinda of Oz Lakshmi Sage Tourist
Beggar God Liberator
Sailor Trickster
Blogger Goddess Magician
Saint True Believer
Bully Gossip Mana Savior Uranus
Celibate Grandmother Mars
Child Guru Martyr Scholar Visionary
Clown Hades Masochist
Matriarch Senex/Puer Warrior
Couch Potato
Hermaphrodite Mentor
Cowboy Hera Mystic Self Zeus 


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